just-in-time delivery

Our service allows viewers to pool cryptocurrency and attach it to a proposal they want to see implemented by their favorite social media actor. In addition, we make it possible to create content-related bets processed on the blockchain.

To reach consensus over outcomes we rely on individual reputation and established trust between streamer & viewers. This enables Nerve to handle operations within minutes and opens our system to live streaming and betting markets.

How It Works

NERVE operates entirely on the blockchain. From changing your name to creating a task. This means NERVE also operates as an Ethereum wallet.


Financially incentivized tasks proposed by the viewers


User-created bets

Be your own bookmaker


Accept Ether on your stream


Promote your favorite task or bet with our #hashtag system

enhance your experience

more creative & community-oriented content

NERVE gives the community a chance to influence the content of creators through incentivized tasks. This has the advantage of knowing what your community wants to see the most and getting paid for fulfilling that wish.

We do not take a cut

Our tools are free to use. Each tip viewers make will be 100% yours, excluding transaction cost.

Be in control of your income

No registration on third party platforms is required. No logins, no emails, no passwords, no spam.

enhance your experience - together

Live and video streaming is a rapidly changing segment of the internet. And the trend goes towards interaction with the community.

For Streamers Only

Integrate Alerts BETA

1. Download on GitHub

2. Create your profile

3. Go to "Edit Profile"

Click on the top right symbol

4. Go to OBS or Streamlabs

Select window recording and choose our tool


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