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Mission Statement

Interactions and trust between streamers and viewers are becoming more and more important in the livestreaming community. Viewers have long ceased to be mere observers, but determine the content that a streamer delivers in an increasingly active role. Parallel to this trend, the market in this segment is experiencing exponential growth. Streamers are becoming well-known stars and have long been hired by large corporations as advertising space. NERVE has set itself the goal of creating new structures in these emerging markets (online streaming, betting, VR) making use of blockchain technology. This approach goes beyond the oligopolies of large corporations and emphasizes the concept of community to achieve innovation.

Our Tools

Driving technology with leading brands
Unreal Engine 4

The 5 Pillars of Blockchain

  • Open: anyone can use NERVE
    (no Know-Your-Customer).
  • Neutral: all users have the same permissions.
  • Public: every transaction is publicly verifiable.
  • Borderless: Ethereum is globally accessible and does not adhere to local jurisdictions.
  • Censorship resistant: no one has authority over the system.



Everything you do is verifiable.


Everyone can build and expand on the NERVE ecosystem without asking for permission. All contracts are open source and can be reviewed by everyone, at any time.


Our contracts do not favor any user over another. All users have the same rights and possibilities within the NERVE ecosystem. NERVE is not serving goals of a closed organization or institution.


The NERVE smart contracts do not obey to any specific law and are not bound to any jurisdiction. Our target audience is global, and we do not favor any country over another.


Our contracts have no central point of authority. We always run unstoppable code and cannot be forced to shut down or suspend users.

Our Vision

As an open source project strongly committed to the 5 pillars of blockchain (open, public, borderless, neutral, censorship resistant) we strengthen a new movement and not only address new opportunities, but also create new thought patterns in the areas of privacy, anonymity, anti-surveillance, censorship and data protection. The long-term goal is to create a blockchain-based virtual world in which everyone has access to education, art, culture and much more.

Why invest in NRV Token?


NERVE introduces a minimum viable product first and then builds on top of it. There are no arbitrary goals for an unforeseeable future.

Open source

All investments will be conducted in Bitcoin or Ether. NERVE is purely decentralized, open source and not owned by anyone or bound to any jurisdiction. NERVE Corp does not own the product but solely serves the purpose of selling shares of NERVE revenues by selling NRV tokens on behalf and in contract with current owners. In accordance with financial regulation, NERVE Corp does not sell the NRV tokens to users in countries, where the NRV token may be regarded as financial security. However, licensed securities dealers may offer the token through decentralized exchanges, where it may become available for retail investors in countries with strong financial regulation.


NERVE comes with its own wallet. The wallet will integrate a dexchange in future iterations. It will be possible to buy and sell ERC20 Token directly from the DApp, either by an own dexchange or by partnering with existing dexchanges.

Contact for investors


Global Gateway 8

Rue De La Perle, Providence

Mahe, Seychelles


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