Our principles

1. The freedom of each individual is our top priority

At NERVE we firmly believe in the sovereignty of the individual. Change is not made from the top down, but from the bottom up. We see people as free agents who in their sum define the societal structure and bring forth shifts in paradigms. We will never enforce something on our users, but instead encourage independent thinking and action.

2. Trust is the basis of our society and requires courage

The mainstream is all about trustless interactions brought by blockchain technology. This holds true for the deterministic execution of transactions on the blockchain, but does not take into account the direct exchange and interaction between people, especially when these play out in the non digital world. It is naive to trust anyone, but it is at the same time very cynical to make distrust the basis of human interaction. We firmly believe that the majority of people are able to trust each other and acknowledge that it takes courage to do so.

3. Morals and ethics are not merely defined by laws

With 194 different countries (or states), it is natural that different cultures and ways of thought emerge. As a global and borderless enterprise operating entirely on the blockchain, it is clear to us that we can not define our morals and ethics based on 194 different legislations. Our moral and ethical grounding has to arise out of something that is larger and more universal than law.

4. Earning profits without exploiting others

The blockchain environment is full of scams and exploits and we want to distance us as far as possible from such practices. We believe in capitalistic market making and want to earn our profits by offering products and services that are needed by others.

5. Our goals are not defined by profit

Our goals entail huge structural changes and are much more important to us than the mere seeking for profit. This is a very important statement to us and will always be reflected in our products. NERVE is free and is only supported by a Pay-What-You-Want model. Each user individually defines how much value our products bring to them. Furthermore, we will never give up on our principles in favor of potential profits by large institutions.

6. We are the users of our own products

We develop our products, because we want to see them brought to market and use them ourselves. As a result we are always focussing on consumer products and will favor them over B2B developments.

7. Open, neutral, public, borderless, censorship resistant

These are the five pillars of blockchain and we will make sure to always comply. Anything that would violate these principles is deemed impractical and will not be considered as long as we operate in the blockchain environment.

8. Either no laws or all laws apply

As a global and borderless enterprise we have to comply with all laws in 194 countries. This is an impossible endeavour and thus we have to make sure that our systems can not be shut down or be controlled by anyone. We write unstoppable code.

9. Always question the status quo

As blockchain pioneers we believe in the value of disruption and the resulting advancements. We believe in the explorative nature of human beings and are willing to take on personal risks to bring forth new developments, while operating on the cutting edge of technology. The universe strives towards ever more complexity, and so are we.

10. Fail faster

People learn best from their mistakes. Instead of discouraging people from making mistakes, we encourage people to make mistakes and learn from them. The more the better – feel free to explore and advance.


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